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  • Servings : 8
  • Cook Time : 20 Min
  • Yield : 8-12 slices
  • Servings : 8-12
  • Cook Time : 45 Min
Devils Food Cake with Mirror Glaze
  • Yield : 1 large or 8 small
  • Servings : 8
Chocolate fondant puddings

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What is food to you?

When I think of food, I think of good times with friends, shared meals and...

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Apple and cherry Tarte Tatin

From The Infatuated Foodie blog #1 For an all-time favourite wintery dessert, I can’t go far past...

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Beautiful roasted cauliflower, parsnip and leek soup

Autumn has definitely arrived in Tasmania.  The grapevines and their melting leaves glow orange across the...

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News and reviews

Finding the bacon

I’ve never been one to eat loads of processed meats, particularly bacon, prosciutto and sausages. For...

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Lunch at Smolt Kitchen

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of being a lady who lunched at Smolt Kitchen...

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Lunch at Biggie Smalls

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny Melbourne Sunday afternoon I decided to head...

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Eating and drinking in Tasmania’s Coal Valley

Eating and drinking in Tasmania's Coal Valley is a wonderful thing to do. Enjoy...

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