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Bliss Balls-feature

Bliss Balls

0 of 5 18-24 balls

These bliss balls are easy to make, good for you and make a perfect snack. Get the kids involved!

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Sourdough bread

Sourdough bread

0 of 5

This is a dense sourdough, full of flavour and texture.

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0 of 5 20 Minutes

Fresh, healthy tabbouleh is the perfect salad with a range of food. I love it with Spanakopita and baked potatoes for a healthy vegetarian meal and it's also great with ...

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Devils Food Cake with Mirror Glaze

Rich chocolate cake with mirror glaze

0 of 5 45 Minutes 8-12 slices

Who would have thought a chocolate cake recipe so rich and moist could be so incredibly easy to make. If you find a simpler recipe then I want to ...

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Chocolate fondant puddings

Chocolate Fondant Puddings

0 of 5 1 large or 8 small

This recipe was originally posted on The Infatuated Foodie blog #1 and that original post has recently been imported. You can find it here. It’s so yummy though, it deserves its place in ...

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Orange infused lamingtons

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Light, moist vanilla butter cake is subtly infused with orange rind and coated with jaffa flavoured icing and coconut. Delicious!

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Finding the bacon

I’ve never been one to eat loads of processed meats, particularly bacon, prosciutto and sausages. For me, they’re something good to have now and then as a treat. But some time ago I stopped buying and eating them altogether.  I did this because after doing a little research about nitrite preservatives used in processed meats, it seemed like a good idea for my health. […]

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Smolt Kitchen wine at table

Lunch at Smolt Kitchen

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of being a lady who lunched at Smolt Kitchen in lovely West Hobart. Considering I’ve been back in Tasmania two weeks, it was a great opportunity for both myself and the other lady who lunched to meet for the first time, because despite Adelaide and I chatting a number […]

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Biggie Smalls Collingwood window

Lunch at Biggie Smalls

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny Melbourne Sunday afternoon I decided to head down to Smith Street, Collingwood and check out chef and entrepreneur Shane Delia’s latest venture – Biggie Smalls. Although I’d read mixed reviews about Biggie Smalls I went with an open mind, because after all not everyone has the same […]

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Enjoying a glass of bubbles

What is food to you?

When I think of food, I think of good times with friends, shared meals and laughter.  So when friends say to me they think of food simply as fuel – you know, the stuff you have to put in your car to make the engine run and not much more – then I feel a bit sad […]

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Coal Valley Tasmania from Frogmore Creek

Eating and drinking in Tasmania’s Coal Valley

Eating and drinking in Tasmania’s Coal Valley is a wonderful thing to do. Enjoy superior food experiences at Frogmore Creek, rustic fare at Coal Valley Vineyard or BYO picnic to Puddleduck and enjoy in the vineyards. Whatever you do, it’s worth the visit.

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Apple and cherry Tarte Tatin

From The Infatuated Foodie blog #1 For an all-time favourite wintery dessert, I can’t go far past this tart.  It’s what I make when I want something rustic and warming, tasty and fruity and is an eternal favourite.  It’s a dessert that’s had people say, as they lick their empty plate, that they’ve never liked cooked apples … […]

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