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Devils Food Cake with Mirror Glaze

Rich chocolate cake with mirror glaze

0 of 5 45 Minutes 8-12 slices

Who would have thought a chocolate cake recipe so rich and moist could be so incredibly easy to make. If you find a simpler recipe then I want to ...

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Chocolate fondant puddings

Chocolate Fondant Puddings

0 of 5 1 large or 8 small

This recipe was originally posted on The Infatuated Foodie blog #1 and that original post has recently been imported. You can find it here. It’s so yummy though, it deserves its place in ...

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Orange infused lamingtons

0 of 5

Light, moist vanilla butter cake is subtly infused with orange rind and coated with jaffa flavoured icing and coconut. Delicious!

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Vanilla bean and maple syrup ice cream photograph

Vanilla bean and maple syrup ice-cream

0 of 5

The heavenly combination of vanilla bean and maple syrup is paired in a perfect, creamy, dreamy ice-cream.

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24 hour braised beef cheeks

24 hour Italian braised beef cheeks

0 of 5 1440 Minutes

Rich, delectable and fall apart winter comfort food.

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delicious cauliflower crust pizza

Friday night pizza with cauliflower crust

0 of 5 1 large pizza base

Cauliflower crusted pizza base - a healthy alternative that's full of flavour.

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Roasted parsnip, cauliflower, redpepper and tomato soup

Creamy spiced roasted parsnip, cauliflower & red pepper soup

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Full of flavour and a spicy kick, this soup is set to become a favourite. Perfect for ladelling into single serve containers for the freezer.

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Red pepper sauce with zucchini spaghetti

Chargrilled red pepper, roasted tomato & garlic sauce

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This sauce is simple and vibrant and so full of flavour you’ll want to keep some to hand at all times. Use fresh, in season ingredients and enjoy the intense flavours ...

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