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Lime & Vanilla Tuille Cups

Lime & Vanilla Tuille Cups

I’m a sucker for crunchy things, so when I was making Jaffa Ice-Cream for an Easter treat, I thought I’d be smart and make some tuille bowls to serve it in.  I found a recipe to base my tuilles on (link below) and set to it.

I already had enough egg whites, because ice-cream custard only uses egg yolks. I also had vanilla beans in the pantry, which was handy.  But I wanted tuilles with a bit of zing and just happened to have a few fresh limes, so I decided to freshen the recipe up with some lime zest.

All went well and I even let the mixture stand in the fridge overnight.  When I went to bake them I realised I simply didn’t have the patience to spread each one out onto baking paper and cook, one at a time … aaaaaghhh!  I’d be there all day!  A light bulb went off above my head …

“Use the sandwich press!”  I thought to myself.  “It’s worth a go!”

Sandwich toasting press cooking tuilles

Rustic and crunchy toasted tuilles

It worked wonderfully.  Even though I ended up with rather higgledy piggledy, lacey and raggedy edged tuilles, they cooked quickly, taste yummy and best of all, they’re crunchy too.

Oh, and they are gorgeous with the Jaffa Ice-Cream, which is the reason I made them in the first place.

Lime-Vanilla Tuilles
(Adapted from SJ Gourmet’s Tuille recipe)

250 grams unsalted butter
1 cup caster sugar
1 vanilla bean, scraped
zest of two limes
6 large egg whites
1,3/4 cups plain white flour, sifted

In a standing mixer the paddle attachment, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.  Split the vanilla bean and scrape the seeds into the mixture.  Mix well.

Add egg whites alternatively with flour, mixing continuously.

Lastly, stir through the finely grated lime zest.tuille mix with lime zest

Cover with plastic film and chill in the fridge, preferably overnight.


Cook’s tip:  don’t throw the vanilla bean away.  Add it to a jar of sugar for wonderful vanilla sugar to use in your next recipe.

To cook the tuilles
(the proper way)

Preheat oven to 200C.

Spread about 1 teaspoon cold tuille batter thinly in a circle onto baking paper and place onto the back of a baking tray.

Tuilles will spread and cook rapidly, so test a few, one at a time, for appropriate thinness of batter and length of cooking time.

If tuilles have spread too much, reduce amount of batter and make sure it is spread evenly and thinly.

Removed from the oven when slightly golden. Let set for a few seconds then place tuille over top of small inverted bowl.  Let cool.  Remove from back of bowl and turn over. Jaffa ice-cream in tuille bowlYou now have a tuille bowl to fill with your favorite ice cream, sorbet or mousse.

Alternative cooking method
Do what I did and just put blobs of batter onto a sandwich press and close, pressing down as you do to spread the batter evenly.  Watch very carefully – they burn very quickly!  It takes some practice to get right, but it’s quick and easy and the end result is rustic and fun.

NOTE:  The zest of the two limes added a subtle zing to the mixture.  You could use heaps more if you like a super limey flavour, and probably get away with adding the juice from half a lime as well without mucking up the balance of the mixture.

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