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Lunch du jour

Lunch du jour

Just a quick one.  This is my favourite lunch of the moment and it’s what I enjoyed today before dishing out that required bowl of rhubarb and ice-cream, for photographic purposes only of course.

It’s certainly not unique to me, but you can have some fun with the salad and the vinegar mixes with that oh so runny egg yolk for the perfect dressing.

Lunch de jour

Let’s make salad

Throw together your favourite salad.  Mine today was a leftover, very basic salad of crunchy iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, cucumber and grated carrot.   You could be much more adventuous than that!

Bring a pot of water to the boil and take off the heat.  Gently place one or two eggs in the water and set your timer for six minutes (for large eggs).
Return to heat and bring back to a very gentle simmer to let cook.

When the timer is done, take the pot off the heat, drain and run cold water into the pot so the eggs cool quickly.  When the water feels cold, let the eggs sit for another minute.  This will help you peel them, which is what you need to do next.

So … peel the egg (or two if you’re using two).

Place the egg gently on top of your salad and just split to let that yolk run out.

Lunch de jour-seasonedDrizzle with some balsamic vinegar, top with salt & pepper to taste, then simply grab a fork and eat.

If you want a bit of extra pizzazz, grate some fresh reggiano (for an italian zing) or gruyere (if you’re feeling Frenchy) over the top.

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