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Meet Marti

Hi, I'm Marti, a Tasmanian girl who has spent most of my adult life in Australia’s food capital – Melbourne.

I grew up in a small town on Tasmania’s northwest coast and for as long as I can remember, always had an interest in food and cooking, helped along by the fact my Mum was a great cook She was the one who experimented with new ingredients while being grounded in the foundations that make good food wonderful.

There were other talented women in the family who also cooked amazing food. Three elderly ladies we affectionately called the Aunties made the best pastries and gorgeous baked goods. I recall seeing one auntie creaming butter and sugar with her hands. She wouldn’t use electric beaters for the job as her hands provided the warmth needed to keep the butter soft.

With my mum and other women as my cooking role models, I was lucky to understand what good food was from the start.

My interest in food was supported by being able to simply by watch and learn from Mum. I questioned and observed how she went about the kitchen – always so organised. Things like doing large batch cookups of casseroles and soups and freeze containers for later and I still do this myself to this day.

She made the most perfectly silky smooth sauces and just knew how to grill the perfect steak. 

So with a background fuelled by old school techniques and knowledge, a keen sense of taste and smell and my natural curiousity, my food life expanded when I made the move to Melbourne. Suddenly I was able to find ingredients I’d only read about in books. I went to restaurants and experienced flavours I’d not heard of before and attended wine tastings and events that just didn’t happen in Hobart.

Today I am so happy to be able to share my lifetime’s worth of learning here and with more travel on the horizon, may just be able to share what I continue to learn along the way.

Do you have a question or is there something you’d like me to cook and share? Feel free to drop me a line here on my contact page.

So I wish you Bon appétit, mes amis! Happy cooking.

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How food connects us

As a journalist and communication professional, bring storytelling to how I share my love of food and cooking. Stories are powerful and reminders that life is real, experiences are great and people are what make the world go around.

All my life I've seen how food brings people together both at home and even in the workplace during events, special days and celebrations. When offices were vibrant and full, birthday cakes and shared plates would spark conversations, inspire laughter and result in great ideas being workshopped? Is that still happening today? I hope so, because it helps people meet, chat and connect through food.

My four pillars of food

Infatuated Foodie's Four Pillars of Food
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