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Cheese & onion galette

Rich and moreish, perfect to pair with wine and friends

Slice of cheese, onion and potato galette

Cheese & onion galette

This is a repost of a recipe I originally wrote and published on my former blog at The flavour and textures of this amazing tart are rather sensational, hence it was titled a rather sensational cheese and onion galette – and for good reason.

Rough puff pastry, folded and ready for resting

Rough puff pastry, folded and ready for resting

The pastry is a Maggie Beer recipe and is light as a feather, buttery and with just the right amount of texture. Just remember the trick with making a good pastry is to keep everything as cold as possible – chilled butter, iced water and a cool work surface will make all the difference to the outcome. Try to handle it as little as possible too as the warmth of your hands can affect it and make it difficult to work with.

Just a couple of notes before we start cooking:

      Tie thyme sprigs together with cooking twine so they’re easy to remove at the end of the cooking process.  All the leaves fall off the stems during cooking.

You could easily make smaller versions of this by cutting the pastry into rounds or squares.  They’d be ideal cold for picnic lunches or fresh from the oven for lunch with friends.

Made neat and small, they’d even make a delicious entrée.

Just leave the bacon out for a vegetarian meal.

In short, this this a wonderful, sensational, moreish, rich cheese and onion galette that is best enjoyed as a treat with friends and a glass of good wine.

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