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Friday night pizza with cauliflower crust

A knockout and a healthy alternative pizza base

delicious cauliflower crust pizza

Friday night pizza with cauliflower crust

I must admit to being skeptical about how a humble cauliflower could become a firm crust for a pizza. But it was Friday and that’s always a good excuse to make pizza.  I decided to try a cauliflower pizza base as a healthier, low carb option for me and whipped up a normal yeasted base in the KitchenAid for Tony.

To prepare, I read a number of recipes on various sites and took from them what I thought would work for me.  They all varied slightly except for one thing: after steaming or microwaving the cauliflower, it must be placed into a squeaky clean tea towel or muslin and all the liquid is squeezed out. When I did this it filled more than a cup. If you don’t do this step you’ll end up with a wet and soggy base.  Not good.

In short, the cauliflower pizza base was a knockout.  It was firm enough to pick up with my hands and eat like normal pizza.  With the addition of some cheeses, herbs and plenty of seasoning it was full of flavour and as I noted on an Instagram post – I’m a convert.

Pre-baked cauliflower crust pizza base

Cauliflower crust ready for the oven

For the record, the recipe calls for microwaving or steaming the cauliflower. I’m not a fan of the microwave and was going to steam it instead – until I realised the cauliflower would fall through the holes in the steamer. I’m now on a mission to source a fine mesh steamer top for the next batch I do.

Instructions for preparing red peppers can be found here on my recipe for chargrilled red pepper, tomato and garlic sauce.

Enough said: let’s get cooking!

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