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Luscious lemon tart

Sweet, seductive and very grown up

Luscious lemon tart

Luscious lemon tart

This creamy, tart and sweet recipe is from the BBC Great British Bake Off series and it’s seriously good.  I made this to celebrate my three year old lemon tree providing enough lemons this season to make something special with.  Of course I’ve tweaked the recipe a little from the original, which calls for the zest of 4 unwaxed lemons.  The fruit from my Lisbon lemon tree is good and tart and so I used the zest of two lemons but kept the juice amount the same.

One thing to note is that when I mixed it all together I used electric hand beaters, but I think a whisk should be used.  The electric beater caused the eggs to get fluffy, which kept a bubbly texture on top.  For a perfectly smooth and sleek tart top, just whisk by hand but do make sure everything is very well whisked together, so it’s silky and creamy and oh so tangy and delicious.

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