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Mini orange infused lamington cakes

With chocolate-orange icing

Orange infused lamingtons

Orange infused lamingtons

Lamingtons have been a staple of the Australian morning tea table for many years.  Moist butter cake is dipped into a rich chocolate icing, then rolled in coconut. They are delicious when filled with whipped cream or just served on their own with a nice cup of tea.

Uniced_lamington_squaresThis recipe takes a basic butter cake and adds some orange zest to give it a little extra flavour boost. The orange carries through to the icing, where some of the liquid is replaced with orange juice and even more orange zest is mixed through the coconut. Although it’s traditional to use desiccated coconut, you can mix it up and these were made with coconut chips that I whizzed up in the mini food processor so the pieces became smaller and more suitable for the size of the cakes.

You can cut the cakes with a knife, but I use a square biscuit cutter for nice even sizes. Trim the tops and sides before cutting so they’re nice an even and there’s no outside crust. That way the icing will soak into the cake a little and set well.

NOTES: You could omit the orange flavouring or for a truly adult version, try substituting some of the orange juice in the icing with Cointreau or Grand Marnier and adding a splash to whipped cream on the side.

Any leftover cake that’s been cut off or is an uneven size or shape can be popped into a ziplock bag and frozen for use in individual trifles or other cake-based dessert.

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