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Rustic Shepherds' Pot Pies

Perfect for warming up cool autumn nights

Shepeherds Pie, home made bread and Brian Fletcher red

Rustic Shepherds’ Pot Pies

As autumn takes hold and the the cooler evenings set in, these tasty and very easy to make pies will warm you to the core. Although it looks like there’s a whole lot of ingredients used in the filling, they’re all very basic and it all comes together as the most perfect heartwarming autumn food you could wish for. Plus, if you don’t use all the filling at once, you could freeze it for later use with pasta or as an accompaniment to mashed potato or polenta. Versatile, easy, yummy.

Shepherds Pies out of the oven

Baking the pies on a tray means the oven stays clean, as they will bubble over.

For the record, the feature image (not the one in this intro) focuses on a bottle of Brian Fletcher’s lovely Margaret River Cabernet Merlot.

I’ve enjoyed every one of this winemaker’s wines I’ve tried and this was no exception. It’s the wine that was used in the filling and was perfect with the finished pies. I buy Brian Fletcher wines online through Naked Wines Australia. In fact, I’m an angel. See my halo?

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