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Spiced roasted parsnip & cauliflower soup

With a colourful kick of roasted pepper, tomato and garlic

Roasted parsnip, cauliflower, redpepper and tomato soup

Creamy spiced roasted parsnip, cauliflower & red pepper soup

Last autumn I blogged a recipe for Roasted cauliflower, parsnip and leek soup, which is earthy and heartwarming – perfect for these cooler autumn months.  I’ll be migrating that recipe across to here shortly and adding a link from this recipe – stay tuned for that update.

So with parsnips and cauliflowers in season, I thought it was time to make some more and recently did just that, although instead of the cream / sour cream and wine version, I kicked it up a bit with some warm spices and coconut milk.  It worked a treat.  It was really delicious and it freezes in individual serve containers very well.  But that’s not what I’m posting here.

Ingredients for Roasted parsnip and cauliflower soupThe day after I’d made my first batch of the exceptional roasted pepper, tomato and garlic sauce I was heating up soup for lunch and decided to pop a couple of tablespoons of that into it.  My oh my, it was dreamy, creamy and I couldn’t wait to make more of both so I could simply make it as one new batch of soup, perfect for autumn.

That said, don’t be fooled by the photo on this recipe! It might look like pumpkin or carrot, but it’s that gorgeous red sauce that makes it glow as it does.

You can make this without the addition of roasted pepper, tomato and garlic sauce and it’s up to you whether to add the chilli.  It will still be a delicious addition to your autumn menu.

Just enjoy this sensational, creamy and soul warming soup and made with vegetable stock it’s also perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

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