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The Tortellini Meanie

Originally written for my first food blog, the Tortellini Meanie originated in a cafe in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, called Bakers. I was introduced to the food in the late 1980s and went on to create my own version, based on very simple ingredients that pack a comfort food punch.

Although you can use store bought pasta, making your own is a treat. That, my dear readers, is entirely up to you. I used home-made tortellini in this, with leftover chicken as the filling. You could do this with another filled shape too, such as ravioli. Alternatively, plain unfilled pasta – or even zoodles – work too.

You can view the original recipe post here, which is found in the Latest News section:The Tortellini Meanie #1


*You can omit the chilli for a Tortellini Dreamy rather than a Tortellini Meanie

**Source pure cream that’s not thickened for best results.

***For a really good demonstration of forming tortellini, and where I sourced the original recipe, head to YouTube, for Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Contaldo’s excellent tutorial

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