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Vanilla bean and maple syrup ice-cream

So creamy and delectable - definitely a perfect scoop

Vanilla bean and maple syrup ice cream photograph

Vanilla bean and maple syrup ice-cream

Vanilla beans, maple syrup and coconut sugarTwo of the food ingredients I simply adore are maple syrup and vanilla beans. I mean adore. The smell of vanilla is just heavenly and maple syrup has a depth of flavour that nothing else comes close to.

For ages I’ve been wanting to pair the two into ice-cream, but just haven’t had the egg yolks floating around to cook with. The opportunity arose after clarifying a big pot of chicken stock the other day with eight egg whites, so I seized it and set about making the dreamy custard base.

David Lebovitz’s ice-cream recipe method is the one I use for the majority of my custard-based ice-creams, although I do tend to reduce the amount of sugars in my versions because I find David’s recipes far too sweet for my palette. If you want to increase the sweet factor in my adaptions, then go for it.  For the record, I used coconut sugar in place of cane sugar in this recipe – it has a lower GI factor and is therefore supposed to be much better for you than refined cane sugar.

As an optional extra, I also toasted some hazelnuts to churn through the ice-cream, but then decided not to – so the addition of nuts would also be good in this recipe or you could sprinkle freshly toasted nuts over the top.

I’d be happy to serve this ice-cream to any chef and am confident I’d see them swoon.

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