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Welcome back

It’s been a while …

Did you know The Infatuated Foodie actually launched almost 10 years ago, in March 2012? It was just over a year after moving to Tasmania and I needed to start expressing my love for food and how it connects us through nourishing hearts, minds and souls. The name felt right and so that’s what became my blog.

My first post, titled A Loaf of Bread, shared my recipe for a simple yeasted rye bread, which was simply about life’s staple: bread. Real bread that is. Home made.

Screenshot from TIF first post in 2012
First post as The Infatuated Foodie. 20 March, 2012

Some recent events

Since that first post I’ve shared recipes and snippets from my life until earlier this year, when after some traumatic times and total burnout, I removed my website and thought, ‘that’s it’.

At the time I wasn’t thinking clearly at all. To be honest, I’d reached my limits after years in a controlling, critical and abusive relationship, had no stability or security and was simply burnt out.

And there was the minor issue of a house – shed in fact. My ex and I had bought it in 2011 with grand plans to turn it into a house. I must say I agreed to buy it with some reluctance and an unsettling pit in my stomach, hoping against all hope that he could keep the big, soon to be empty promises, of working with me as a team to get it done.

In the end it took 10 years to complete and ended up with me in the most traumatic fight between me and his family to actually finish it. So I’d been in survival mode all that time. I see that now. It kind of exhausted my energy, as I used up all my grit and determination to achieve the design and standards I wanted.

I have to admit though, the result was beautiful. Below are a couple of views of the kitchen I created that my daughter also helped enormously with when it came to design details. I did manage to use it a few times after it was finished and before the property was sold, which was lovely. Can’t wait to be able to design another kitchen again soon.

My bright future starts now

But that was then – this is now and I’ve much to celebrate! Including my new Infatuated Foodie site. Revived, restored and renewed with a new logo that I LOVE , thanks to my designer daughter, Maya.

It’s taken a while to come together and this is just the start. I guess as with all new sites, there may be some glitches, but they’ll be ironed out as I add new posts, recipes and insights into how food connects me with the people I love. If you come across any errors, please let me know!

And I have some big plans for 2022, starting with a podcast, premium content, newsletter and some free shares. So keep an eye out for those as they emerge.

I want this site to become YOUR resource. A place for you to find great recipes, interesting information and hacks for preparing, cooking and eating good food without costing the earth or taking forever.

My ethos is is to help you create unfussy, quick, fresh, delicious food you can make at home and I believe that food and recipes are for sharing, connecting us and to be enjoyed with people around us.

I also love how food brings people together – and that’s never been more important than now. As we emerge from a Covid-ravaged world, there’s much healing to do. There’s sadness, conflict and confusion, so let’s gather around food and share our experiences of life and love and loss while nourishing our bodies and souls.

Over to you

For now though, I’m interested to hear from you!

  • What do you want to see on my site?
  • Would you like more video?
  • What sort of recipes would you like to see more of?
  • What topics would you like to read about in the blog?

Please comment below and let me know. I may not get to everything you request straight away, but I definitely keep a list of what will help you stay on track with healthy eating, good flavours and great food.

In the meantime, happy cooking and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. And watch out for news and updates as the site comes together.


  1. Hi Marti ,I was just wondering whether all your recipes from your previous site will be available? Good luck with everything!

    • Hi Janene,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m definitely working through the old site’s recipes and remaking them so I can put fresh images up along with any tweaks I feel they may need.

      Is there a particular recipe – or recipes – you’d like me to put on, or that I could share with you?

      For the record, feel free to subscribe to my updates via the home page and follow me on socials. That way you’ll be able to keep up to date when new content is posted or I make special subscriber content available.


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